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What is Shellac?
Shellac is a Creative Nail Design product (CND).  It is not available for sale to the general public, only qualified beauticians and nail technicians.
Shellac is a fantastic product.  A nail polish which doesnt smudge or chip and lasts for up to 3 weeks!  The nails are painted with Shellac polish and then placed under a special UV light box to cure (harden).  They are instantly touch dry!
The natural nail is not damaged or weakened using Shellac, unlike after the application of artificial nails.  Your own nail actually has some protection and grows naturally beneath the polish.
Shellac keeps nails looking good with high shine and colour!
Shellac polish is removed using acetone wraps.  The wraps are securely placed around the nails and left for 5 10 minutes for the acetone to penetrate.  These are then pulled off, taking the polish with them.  It is advisable but not essential to have this done by your beautician, who will then ensure any excess residue is removed and the nails are in good condition.
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