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Go up Crediton high street until you reach the traffic lights at the crossroads near QE school.  Take the exit left and then turn immediately right.  Follow the road past Landscore Primary School on your left.  Continue straight on.  Just past the entrance to Chiddenbrook Surgery, you will see two semi detached cottages at the start of a country lane.  Sanderswater is the second cottage on the left.


Sanderswater, Threshers, Crediton, Devon, EX17 3PB
Appointments available 7 days per week
Mon, Tues, Weds, Fri:  9.30am - 6pm
Thurs: 1pm - 6pm
Sat: 11am - 4pm
Sun: 3pm - 5pm
Flexible - 7 days per week
Please view my online diary via one of the 'BOOK NOW' buttons
NB:  Appointments outside of the above times are often available on request.  Please call me on 07447930260 (phone or text) or email waxandrelax@sky.com.
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