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(Please note that I only accept bookings from ladies.  Apologies for any inconvenience).
Intimate Waxing - Brazilians and Hollywoods

I am delighted to announce that I now hold a Certificate of Competence in Intimate Waxing.  I attended a training day run by 'Just Wax' at Sally's Salon Services in Exeter on 23 April 2014.  

Questions and Answers on Intimate Waxing.

Q. What type of wax do I use?
A.  I use a hot flexi-wax made by Just Wax.  This is different to the warm wax used for other areas of the body.  The wax is heated and applied to the skin in small circular patches.  It is then left to cool for a few moments and an edge lifted ready for removal.  The wax is removed from the skin in a swift movement without the use of a wax strip.

Q. What are the advantages of hot flexi-wax for intimate waxing?
A.  Unlike warm wax, hot wax does not need to be pulled off against the direction of hair growth.  The wax grips the hairs only, rather than the skin beneath as well.  This means that the hairs can be removed regardless of the angle of the pull.  This is advantageous for areas such as the labia where it is difficult to hold the skin taut in certain directions.

Q.  Apart from direction of removal, what other benefits are there to using hot rather than warm wax?
A.  Warm wax tends to exfoliate a very fine layer of skin during removal.  Hot wax solely grips the hair and therefore is gentler to use on intimate areas.
Another noticeable advantage is a reduction in in-growing hairs that some clients report after the use of warm wax.  Hot wax is therefore a good option even for standard bikini waxes where ingrowing hairs may be a problem.

Q. What is your definition of a Brazilian wax?
Salons vary regarding their definition of different types of waxing.
At Wax and Relax, a Brazilian is the removal of all hair from the bikini area apart from a small strip on the pubis bone.  Hair is removed from the inner thigh, inner and outer labia and around the anal area (if desired).  Price £25

Q.  What is your definition of a Hollywood wax?
At Wax and Relax, a Hollywood is the removal of all hair from pubic area. Price £25

Q.  What is your definition of an Advanced (Thong) Bikini wax?
At Wax and Relax, an Advanced Bikini wax is a standard bikini wax with high sides and top (ie to suit low cut briefs) and also around the inner buttock area.  Price £15

Q.  Why is an intimate wax so much dearer than a standard bikini wax?
Intimate waxes require a high level of competence and technique.  Some beauticians offer this service without having completed an advanced training course.  For me, training is an absolute must.  Hot flexi wax is dearer than standard warm waxes and also the time involved in removal is longer.  For that reason, prices are higher.

Q.  Is it necessary to "bare all" for an intimate wax?
Intimate waxing IS as the name suggests...intimate!  However, I am very respectful of a client's need for dignity.  It is NOT necessary to bare all for an intimate wax. You do not need to remove your underwear.  Please wear a thong or bikini style knickers (not bikini shorts) and dont wear your best undies as they may get wax residue on them.   Towels are discreetly placed to cover areas that are not being worked on and moved around as required.  Contrary to rumours, it is not necessary to go on all fours for removal of hairs from the anal area. There are other ways of getting to those tricky areas whilst preserving a little more dignity.

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