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Lash and Brow Treatments
Eyelash and eyebrow tinting is a great way to enhance your eyes without the need for makeup.
If your lashes are naturally fair, tinting will make a dramatic difference....no more looking peaky first thing in the morning!
For darker natural lashes, tinting still enhances the eyes as the ends tend to be lighter.  Tinting helps them to stand out more and look longer.
I offer eyelash tints in brown, brown/black, black and blue/black.  Blue black tends to look the darkest and, to be honest, the blue is hardly noticeable...just the depth of enhancement.
Many people feel that their eyebrows have 'disappeared' as they grow older and spend time adding powder or pencils to help rectify this.  Tinting eyebrows takes a very short time and can make an enormous difference.  Eyebrows really do frame the face!

Tinting is a fairly simple procedure.
All makeup is removed from the lashes/brows and then vaseline is applied to the surrounding skin with a cotton bud to prevent staining of the skin.
For lashes, damp cotton pads are then placed beneath the eye and the tint is applied to the lashes.  Usually bottom lashes are tinted whilst the client keeps their eyes open, and then the eyes are closed to coat the top lashes.  Tinting takes between 10 and 20 mins to 'take'.
Excess tint is then removed using water and a cotton bud and then you are ready to go! 
For brows, the tint only takes a few minutes to 'take', although some white/grey hairs may take a little longer.
Please note that a patch test is required before a first-timer may be tinted in case of any allergic reaction.  this is done by dabbing a small amount of tint behind the earlobe and then allowing 24 hours for any adverse reaction.
Also, if you wear contact lenses, it is advisable to remove these during tinting (this is a precautionary measure in the unlikely scenario that any tint enters the eye and causes stinging).  Please bring along a spare set or some glasses.  These can be replaced as soon as the tint has been done.
Tints tend to last for about 3 weeks.
They are great pre-holidays and for those that do a lot of sport or swimming.  No more smudged mascara!  Hooray!!! :)
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