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Manicures and Pedicures

For those that have not experienced a manicure or pedicure treatment before, I thought it would be helpful to explain what these treatments entail.
I use CND Vinylux nail varnishes for all manicures and pedicures.  Vinylux is a new product this year and proving very popular.
I also do CND Shellac
Manicure procedure
1.  Old nail polish is removed, if any.
2.  Nails are shaped with a file.
3.  Fingers are placed in a bowl containing a warm, hand-soak solution.
4.  A gentle exfoliating scrub is applied to each hand in turn.
5.  Hands are rinsed and then massaged with a suitable lotion.
6.  A softening cream is applied to the cuticles and gently rubbed in.
7.  Cuticles are gently pushed back using an orange stick.
8.  Excessive cuticle is removed with a cuticle knife (if desired).
9. 2 coats of a colour of the clients choosing is then applied (no base coat required with     Vinylux)
11. A clear top coat is applied to add shine and increase durability.
Pedicure procedure
This is the same as for the manicure except that a foot file is used to help remove dry skin from the sole of the foot before soaking them in a foot bowl.
If you have any questions regarding manicures or pedicures, please get in touch
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