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Benefits of Waxing
(Please note that I don't accept bookings from men.  Apologies for any inconvenience).
The following are benefits of waxing rather than shaving:
Hair grows back slower, finer and becomes more sparse over time.
Because hair is removed from the root, the hair bulb (ie the inner end) weakens.  This helps to weaken growth, taking hairs longer to grow back.
If hair is shaved, it is literally cut off at skin level.  This leaves a rough edge, hence why regrowth quickly feels prickly.  With waxing, a new hair forms with a softer end.
Although the first time you try waxing it may feel quite painful, this is because the root is strong.  With regular waxing, the root becomes weaker and therefore removal becomes easier.
Waxing lasts up to 6 weeks and hairs only need to be around 1/4 inch long for removal.
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