Thoughts on CND Vinylux by a beautician and her daughter
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Thoughts on CND Vinylux by a beautician and her daughter

Christmas Gift Vouchers for Wax and Relax, Crediton

Hi All

Just to let you know that I have some lovely Christmas Gift Vouchers available.  These can be made up to any amount you choose and used for beauty treatments in my home salon or for purchases of CND Vinylux.

The treatments I offer are:  Manicures, Pedicures, Waxing, Facials, Lash and Brow Tinting, Swedish Massage, Vinylux and Shellac.

Vouchers are valid for one calender year from time of purchase and come in a plain white envelope.

If you would like to purchase a gift voucher then please email me: [email protected]
Payment can be made by Paypal if desired.

Thanks for reading!
Karen :)

Frequently Asked Questions re CND Vinylux

Hi All

Having looked at the search engine phrases that people have used to come across my blog, I've decided to tackle some of the most frequently asked questions.  I hope you find this useful.  Karen :)

Q1.  How do I remove Vinylux?/I'm struggling to remove Vinylux.

A.  Vinylux can be easily removed with nail polish remover containing acetone.  Acetone-free polish remover will NOT remove it!
The best product that I have found is CND Shellac Nourishing Remover but most standard removers with acetone are very effective.
I recommend Sally Henson Remover which can be bought in Tescos (probably other supermarkets too).  I have tested this myself and found it removes Vinylux very easily.
Feedback from clients has shown that some removers are better than others.  Sally Henson, Poundland...both very good.  A couple of clients have purchased remover from both Boots and also Superdrug and these have not worked very well.  It seems that you do need to shop around a bit to find the most suitable product but don't despair...there are plenty that do a great job...just remember it MUST contain acetone.

The best process for removal is to coat a cotton wool pad (preferably plastic-backed but not essential) with a little remover and firstly hold it tightly against the polish for a few seconds.  Then gently pull the pad towards the tip of the nail whilst applying light pressure.  

Q2.  Is Vinylux better than Shellac?

A:  Vinylux is not better than Shellac, it is different and there for more suited to some people than others. ...

Shellac is cured under a UV light and is therefore extremely durable. It does however need to be removed by soaking a pad in acetone and wrapping the nail for 8 minutes.  Vinylux, on the other hand, can be removed quickly and efficiently without the need to soak.  
If you are prone to weak, dry nails, Vinylux is a better option as you are not subjecting your nails to lengthy soaking with acetone (which is very drying).

If you are the sort of person who religiously applies a nourishing oil to your nails on a daily basis, then you will not have any detrimental effects from using Shellac.  (In my opinion and experience, it is MUCH more gentle on your nails than gel and acyrlics!)  Shellac is micro-porous so the oil will penetrate the nail despite the polish and keep them in good condition.  I would recommend CND Solar Oil for this.  Even if using Vinylux, its a good idea to oil your nails regularly but with Shellac I consider it essential. If you look after your nails, Shellac will help protect them from breakage.

If you like to change your nail polish regularly, then you are better off using Vinylux.  You can remove it yourself at home, quickly and efficiently and reapply another colour.  

If you are interested in purchasing Vinylux for home use, I retail it at £7.99 per bottle which is a very competitive price.  Up to 4 bottles can be sent in one package at a postage cost of £2.60/£3 (2nd/1st class).  See my online Shop or email me: [email protected]

Vinylux is also useful as a 'top-up' polish if you want your Shellac to last a little longer.  Matching Shellac shades are available in Vinylux so that you can touch-up your nails in the comfort of your own home.

Q3.  Is Vinylux bad for your natural nails?

A:  No!  Vinylux is not bad for your natural nails.  It is a great product due to this fact and also because it lasts so well!  (see Q4. above re same question for Shellac).

Q4.  Why does my Vinylux streak?/How to apply Vinylux

A:  When you apply Vinylux, the first coat does tend to look patchy and streaky....this is normal.  Apply the first coat thinly and don't be tempted to thicken it to try and hide streaking.  Once you apply a second, slightly thicker coat, the streaking will not be evident.  The only exception to this that I've found is with one or two of the colours, 'Impossibly Plush and Burnt Romance' being two that come to mind.  With these, I have found that by applying two thin coats and then a third slightly thicker coat, the problem is resolved.  

Always remember to apply the Vinylux Top Coat over your colour. This will give your nails a nice shine and also protect them from chips/wear and tear.  The top coat should be applied generously and with a light hand.  If you apply it too quickly, you may pull the underlying colour layer, creating streaks.  If this is happening for you, I suggest that you leave a minute or two before applying the top coat.

Q5.  Are there any Christmas Gift Sets available in Vinylux?

A:  Apart from the Vinylux 'Forbidden Collection, which is a set of mini bottles of Vinylux and Top Coat in Autumn/Winter colours, I have not come across any other Vinylux gift sets.  For this reason, I have made up some of my own.  These are proving extremely popular with clients wishing to show friends/family how great Vinylux is and also just as a treat for themselves.

My gift sets include one Vinylux colour of your choice, one bottle of Vinylux Top Coat, a mini bottle of CND Solar Oil and a sparkly nail file. 

They are put together in a clear gift bag, along with an instruction leaflet on application and one of my business cards so that the recipient of the pack can contact me if they have any questions or concerns.

If you are interested in purchasing one of these packs, I have limited stock available for Christmas.

I'm offering packs at an exceptionally good price of £15.99 each. 

They can be collected from me in the Crediton area, possibly hand-delivered to Exeter by mutual arrangement or posted at a cost of £2.60/£3 (2nd/1st class).  A maximum of two gift packs can be sent in one package due to postage restrictions on flammable goods.
Email me: [email protected]  to let me know your colour preference.  I have paypal for convenience.

Thanks for reading.
Karen :)

CND Vinylux Christmas Gift Sets

It's not too early to start Christmas Shopping!

Last week I was invited to book a stall at a forthcoming Christmas Shopping Event in my home town of Crediton.  The organiser, Jenny Wood runs her own jewellery business, Devon Maid Jewellery (check out her facebook page if you are interested). 

I have decided to go along with my Vinylux and offer people the opportunity to 'try before you buy'.  I will be taking the full range of colours with me.  I have made up some lovely gift packs and hope that these will be popular.  Im looking forward to the chance to share my enthusiasm for this product and hopefully raise awareness of how great it is! 

My good friend Penny Hall of Calico Angels (again see her facebook page) will also be holding a stall. She made the lovely Wax and Relax banner shown in the photo below.  Penny is really talented and makes gift items from calico which she then hand paints. 

If you would like to see more photos of my gift set, please check out my facebook page Wax and Relax.

Thanks for reading this blog post
Karen :)

How to Apply CND Vinylux for best results

As those of you who have been reading some of my blog posts will be aware, I am an avid fan of CND Vinylux.  It has become my bestseller beauty treatment in my small home salon and clients are generally extremely pleased with the results and longevity of the product.

I also sell Vinylux for home use and have found that some people are struggling to get the same results as when it is applied in a salon. These application issues are usually rectified quite easily using the following pointers:

Vinylux is a little different to other polishes.  For starters, there is no base coat.  For this reason, for best results, always use a buffer to gently smooth the nail plate (the surface of the nail) before applying Vinylux.  Buffers look like nail files but are smoother.  You can get them cheaply in supermarkets in the makeup section.

Secondly, make sure that your nails are free from any residue of polish remover, handcream etc.  Wash your hands thoroughly with handwash and then rinse well. Alternatively, use a product such as CND Scrubfresh which will ensure the nail is free of residue.

Now you are ready to start application.  Have your colour and top coat ready with the lids loosened.  You dont want to be trying to unscrew the top coat after you have applied the colour to your nails and they are still drying!

Taking the colour first, shake the bottle gently to ensure the product is well mixed.  Dont overload your brush.  The first coat should be applied thinly in as few strokes as possible from the base of the nail to the tip. They may well look patchy and coverage may look inadequate.  PLEASE dont load more polish onto the nail!  The first coat of Vinylux tends to soak into the nail and with some colours almost seem to half disappear but this is CORRECT for Vinylux.  It is so tempting to immediately add more polish but please trust me...dont. Polish the nails of both hands with a thin first coat and then allow the nails a little time to start drying.

For the second coat, load the brush more thickly and LIGHTLY apply a thicker second coat.  Dont be tempted to drag the polish over the nail.  Just ensure there is plenty on the brush so that it flows freely over the first coat.  Try to take the polish right over the tip of the nail (the free edge).

Again, allow time for this layer to become semi dry before adding the top coat.  Vinylux dries very quickly so this wont take long (a few mins max).  

When applying the top coat, I tend to be very generous, almost allowing it to fall off of the brush in a large drip before gently stroking it across the nail.  If you stroke too hard, you are in danger of pulling the colour causing streaks.  The top coat is very quick and easy to apply but remember GENEROUS AND LIGHT!

Using this method, I find that the results are very good and last well. Sometimes i find that it's preferable to use a third coat of colour, particularly with some of the blues, but on the whole this is not necessary.

It really is worth perserving with tecnique in application as, dont correctly, Vinylux really does last well.

Photo (above) shows Vinylux Azure Wish - 
for this colour I have used three coats 
for best coverage.  Most colours need only two.

I hope you find this useful.
Thanks for reading
Karen :)

More reviews on CND Vinylux

Latest client feedback on Vinylux
In the last couple of days I have received more feedback on the Vinylux manicures and pedicures that I have done for clients.
Firstly I received the following review via my online booking facility:
Samantha S. says: I have been having Shellac manicures and pedicures for a long time now so I was very eager to try the Vinylux product although possibly quite sceptical ! Normal nail polish never stays on my nails for more than 3 days but having had a Vinylux manicure and pedicure I am totally converted ! It was amazing ! I still have it on both hands and feet 9 days after it was applied ! I would highly recommend this product
                                                                                 Overtly Onyx 

Next I received photos and comments from a client, Karen, showing me how her nails had coped with a week working in a primary school.  I usually apply Shellac to her nails but on the last occasion she had picked it off....VERY bad for your nails but most people have done it at least once, we are all human and not perfect after all! Her nails had become weak and were not in their usual healthy state. 
I suggested that she give her nails a breather and have a full manicure with cuticle oil, hand scrub, lotion etc and that instead of using Shellac (which requires soaking with acetone to remove) to try Vinylux. 

If she gave her nails a week or two to regain strength and re-hydrate  then if she desired, at that stage she could go back to having Shellac.

After nourishing her nails with cuticle oil and hand lotion, I buffed them to remove any slight bumps/ridges on the nail plate.  Vinylux is a thin polish and it applies much better to smooth nails.  After buffing the nails, I used some Scrubfresh (a CND product that removes traces of oil from the nail) to ensure the nails were clean and dry to aid application of the Vinylux.


Karen's nails after one week with Strawberry Smoothie.  Still no chips. Slight wearing on the middle finger.  The nails are still short but should regain strength with regular use of oil/hand lotion.
                                                          Karen's toenails after a week with
                                                                     Hot Pop Pink.  Still as good as new.

Karen's Comments on the above:
''Especially pleased with my finger nails. They have been through a lot this week!''
Re toenails....''A week later & no need to reapply. Very impressed''. 

A daughter's first impressions on CND Vinylux

I'm Karen's daughter Molly and I'm 15.
Being the daughter of a beautician is fantastic.  I take it for granted that i can have my waxing, eyelash tints and nails done whenever I like (plus the occasionally massage!) with no charge. Because my Mum is always so nice about giving me treatments, I promised to write some entries for her blog.  I think it's the least I can do, and besides, I've never seen her so excited by a product!

I didn't actually used to be a fan of nails. I'm a nail biter, so normal polish doesn't last long, and I just don't have the patience to sit still while Mum removes my Shellac (which lasts 3 weeks but needs soaking to come off).  Vinylux is a different story though.  I absolutely love it!  Firstly, it dries in 8.5 minutes (so I don't get nagged for smudging it), secondly it lasts for a week and resists the odd nibble, and most importantly, the colour range is incredible!  I take longer now to choose my colour than Mum does to paint it on.

On 28th June, I had my nails painted with Vinylux for the school Summer Ball.  I had Sugared Spice - not a colour I would normally choose, but it matched my dress so perfectly that there was really no other choice.  My fingernails lasted a whole week before chipping slightly - but my toenails were the real surprise.  My Mum painted them the day before the ball in the same colour and added some jewels to the largest nail.  We thought that we might have to redo the jewels the next day because of my shoes, but no, they were perfect.  As I'm writing this (the 12th July) the varnish on my toes is as good as the day they were painted!

The photo shows me in my Summer Ball dress and shoes.  You can just about spot by Sugared Spice toenails peeping out.  Mum also did my friend's nails in Lobster Roll which you can see in the picture.

I've really enjoyed watching my Mum grow used to this product, and I love getting my nails done.  I'll be as interested as her to see your comments on Vinylux.

Molly :)

CND Vinylux - How long does it REALLY last? (Part One)

CND Vinylux - How long does it REALLY last? (Part One)

That is the question and seeing as I've invested a fair few bob on Vinylux stock, I was keen to know the answer.
Of course, as a qualified beautician, I am perfectly capable of doing my own and my daughter Molly's nails but the real test has been trying it out on clients.  I could enthuse about Vinylux til the cows came home (a regular sight here in Devon) but, using another well-known phrase, ''the proof of the pudding is in the eating''.

To ensure that I was confident re the quality of the product, I first tested it on my own nails.  

My toes.  Hot Pop Pink.  Day 1...11 June 2013

The above photographs show my toenails on the day I painted them in Hot Pop Pink, 11th June (left) and today, 11th July (right).  Although the nails have grown and could do with some TLC as far as oil around the cuticles, the colour itself still looks great.  No visible chips or wear and tear.  I am very impressed with how well Vinylux is lasting on my toes.

Ive also posted a photograph of my fingernails which I painted in Beau.  After applying 2 colour coats, I felt that a 3rd would make the nails look better so this photo shows 3 coats of Beau and Top Coat.  They lasted well but unfortunately due to constantly removing clients polish without gloves, I have found that I am struggling to maintain my own polish for any length of time....ironic really seeing as clients are loving it on the whole!

So.....what would my regular clients think of the new Vinylux? Would they be prepared to try it?  

Having purchased a CND Vinylux starter kit containing 10 of the most popular shades (that incidentally match Shellac colours) and 2 Weekly Top Coats, I set to work in finding out.

The first client I encouraged to try out Vinylux was a regular called Bev.  Bev has horses and also a business involving cattle....a very hands-on occupation!  

Bev told me that she doesn't bother with nail varnish as it only lasts a day, if that.  With some quite forceful persuasion, she agreed to let me paint her nails in a pale colour and give me feedback.  My first guinea-pig!  I painted her nails using Vinylux Negligee and the Weekly Top Coat ( base coat required).  All I asked of Bev was that she send me a text at the first signs of wear or chipping.  

Her appointment was on 11 June.  On 18 June I received the following text from her.....
''Nail polish brilliant - first bit to chip off last night.''
Wow!  For someone who cant get nail polish to last more than a day, this was a very positive result!

Next was to encourage some more clients to give it a try.
I decided to advertise a special offer using my website (, Facebook and 'word of mouth'.
This deal was very well received and each day when I checked my emails, I had new appointments made through my online booking system.

Below I have put together photos and comments from some of the clients that I have done over the past few weeks.  Ive used first names only to respect anonymity.

The above photos are of a client, Lin, who came to have her nails done on 21 June for a wedding.  I painted her fingernails using Vinylux Gotcha and her toenails in Hot Pop Pink.  Here is the feedback comment I got from Lin on 8 July.....
''Fingernails lasted 10 days!  Toenails still going strong!''
Lin is a mobile hairdresser and worked throughout this time.  Again, pretty impressive results.

The nails to the left of this text were done in Overtly Onyx for a client, Sam, who was going to a party and wanted something to match her silver and black dress. This photo was taken of them on 3 July.

Sam sent me a text today along with a photo of her nails and the following comment....
''My beautiful nails!  1 week 1 day! Sam xxx''

I'm not sure how to upload photos from text messages so cant post the picture here but her nails are still looking very good.  There is a slight chip to the side of one thumb and a little wear at the free edge of the nail.  To the unprofessional eye, I doubt many would notice this.  

These toes were done in Vinylux Rouge Red a couple of weeks ago.  Still going strong and client is happy with them.

I also had a Facebook message from a client called Bridget.  In all honesty, I have forgotten what colour I did her nails (I've done quite a few over the past few weeks!) but here is her feedback....

''Ive had to remove my nail varnish as its now become chipped - sob sob not bad after 12 days though and on the plus side the toe nails are still going strong and look like they were done yesterday!!''

The above examples all report very positive results with Vinylux.  
In my next blog, I will post some of the pitfalls and more thought-provoking feedback. All feedback has been positive but there have been a few niggles.  I will explain and offer advice on dealing with these. 

I am a firm advocate of this revolutionary new product from CND and would like to share what I am learning as I go along.  

I really would like to hear your experiences/thoughts on Vinylux. If you are reading this, please feel free to leave a comment.  
Thank you
Karen :)

Pros and Cons of CND Vinylux

Some Pros and Cons of CND Vinylux
Easy to apply, quick to dry!  Dries fully in just 8.5 minutes.  I have tested this and, though hard to believe, it is true!  I have painted my fingernails with Vinylux and had a client for a massage 10 minutes later with no ill effect to my nails.  The convenience of this ultra-fast dry time makes it a winner for me!
The fast dry time also makes it great for nail art as spots/swirls etc dry very quickly, enabling you to carry on with the next layer of colour without worrying about smudging your work.
The fact that many of the colours match popular Shellac shades is great for people who like to use Shellac on their hands and match up their toes with the same colour.  Because people tend to prefer to keep their toenails shorter, Vinylux is a better option as it can be easily removed and re-applied after cutting the nails to the desired length. 
Vinylux is great for special occasions.  Sometimes you just don’t want to go through the time and effort of a Shellac manicure in bright, sparkly red or similar, on a Saturday and then have to go through the rigmarole of soaking off the polish and changing it for a more subtle shade on Monday ready for work.

Vinylux is more affordable than Shellac so you are able to get a full Vinylux manicure with cuticle work, exfoliation and hand cream for the same (or less) money as a Shellac treatment.  Shellac treatments tend only to include shaping of the nails and pushing back of cuticles without the use of creams/lotions. 

As long as the nail is thoroughly cleaned and free from residue of lotions, Vinylux will adhere well.
Vinylux is easy to remove and because of this, less drying to your nails.  Just use a standard nail polish remover containing acetone. I recommend using Shellac Nourishing Remover but this is not essential.  Remember to condition your nails with a product such as solar oil (or even olive oil)  to keep them from drying out!
It’s proving so popular that some colours are hard to get hold of!  The UK CND distributors have been out of stock for weeks.
Feedback from one client this week stated that the system did not like swimming pools.  Immediately after swimming, her nail polish started to peel whereas it had been perfect up until that point.
It isn’t as long-lasting as Shellac but the pros of that are listed above.  It isn’t intended as a replacement for Shellac, just another option.
If your nails are ridged, these imperfections may show through due to the lack of a ridge filler or base coat.  I always buff my clients’ nails once they are prepared ready to polish to smooth out any light ridges and bumps.
If your nails are in poor condition, flaky and dry, Vinylux may not last the whole week.

Personally, the pros outweigh the cons.  Comments and opinions welcomed!
Karen :)

What is CND Vinylux

What is CND Vinylux?
Vinylux is a recently launched product from CND, the creators of Shellac. 
The Weekly Polish and Weekly Top coat is a system uniquely designed to work together.
Exposure to natural light creates an enduring, long-lasting polish.  This is due to ‘pro-light’ technology.
You do not need a UV lamp to cure Vinylux.  It dries naturally to a flawless finish and strengthens its resistance to chips over time.
The Top Coat creates a shield that protects the polish from scratching, denting, chipping and dulling for up to a week.
Vinylux lasts up to 4 times longer than traditional nail polish when used as a system with the Weekly Top Coat.
There are currently over 60 colours, of which over 30 match Shellac shades.

CND Vinylux video

I would be very interested to hear your experiences of Vinylux.  All comments welcomed!
Thanks for reading this blog post.
Karen :)

My first ever blog post - CND Vinylux

Who am I and why am I here?

Hi and welcome to anyone reading this blog.

My name is Karen Shillingford.  I am a self-employed beautician working from a purpose-built cabin in the garden of my home in Crediton, Devon.

I am starting this blog due to my passionate interest in the recently launched CND Vinylux nail polish.

I'm a single mother to four children. I have three sons; Tom, Henry and Edward and a daughter, Molly.

This is my first ever blog post so please bear with me.  Hopefully it will be informative and interesting over time.

I will be writing the majority of blog posts on here, although Molly, who is 15, has also agreed to contribute with her opinions/thoughts on CND Vinylux and life as the daughter of a self-employed beautician. I do Molly's tints/waxing/nails for her on a regular basis and believe that she can make a valuable contribution with her input.

Why am I writing this blog?

I've decided to start blogging about CND Vinylux because I'd like to share my experiences of using it on clients and general feedback regarding the product. I would love to interact with other people who have tried, or are interested in trying Vinylux.  

I accept that no product is perfect, and that is the main purpose of this get feedback, share experiences and weigh up the positives AND the negatives of this product.  

In the next few days I will be posting the initial opinions of some of my clients on their first experience of a Vinylux manicure.

Right...let's see if I can get this blog up and running!
Karen :)

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