Pros and Cons of CND Vinylux
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Thoughts on CND Vinylux by a beautician and her daughter

Pros and Cons of CND Vinylux

Some Pros and Cons of CND Vinylux
Easy to apply, quick to dry!  Dries fully in just 8.5 minutes.  I have tested this and, though hard to believe, it is true!  I have painted my fingernails with Vinylux and had a client for a massage 10 minutes later with no ill effect to my nails.  The convenience of this ultra-fast dry time makes it a winner for me!
The fast dry time also makes it great for nail art as spots/swirls etc dry very quickly, enabling you to carry on with the next layer of colour without worrying about smudging your work.
The fact that many of the colours match popular Shellac shades is great for people who like to use Shellac on their hands and match up their toes with the same colour.  Because people tend to prefer to keep their toenails shorter, Vinylux is a better option as it can be easily removed and re-applied after cutting the nails to the desired length. 
Vinylux is great for special occasions.  Sometimes you just don’t want to go through the time and effort of a Shellac manicure in bright, sparkly red or similar, on a Saturday and then have to go through the rigmarole of soaking off the polish and changing it for a more subtle shade on Monday ready for work.

Vinylux is more affordable than Shellac so you are able to get a full Vinylux manicure with cuticle work, exfoliation and hand cream for the same (or less) money as a Shellac treatment.  Shellac treatments tend only to include shaping of the nails and pushing back of cuticles without the use of creams/lotions. 

As long as the nail is thoroughly cleaned and free from residue of lotions, Vinylux will adhere well.
Vinylux is easy to remove and because of this, less drying to your nails.  Just use a standard nail polish remover containing acetone. I recommend using Shellac Nourishing Remover but this is not essential.  Remember to condition your nails with a product such as solar oil (or even olive oil)  to keep them from drying out!
It’s proving so popular that some colours are hard to get hold of!  The UK CND distributors have been out of stock for weeks.
Feedback from one client this week stated that the system did not like swimming pools.  Immediately after swimming, her nail polish started to peel whereas it had been perfect up until that point.
It isn’t as long-lasting as Shellac but the pros of that are listed above.  It isn’t intended as a replacement for Shellac, just another option.
If your nails are ridged, these imperfections may show through due to the lack of a ridge filler or base coat.  I always buff my clients’ nails once they are prepared ready to polish to smooth out any light ridges and bumps.
If your nails are in poor condition, flaky and dry, Vinylux may not last the whole week.

Personally, the pros outweigh the cons.  Comments and opinions welcomed!
Karen :)

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