CND Vinylux - How long does it REALLY last? (Part One)
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Thoughts on CND Vinylux by a beautician and her daughter

CND Vinylux - How long does it REALLY last? (Part One)

CND Vinylux - How long does it REALLY last? (Part One)

That is the question and seeing as I've invested a fair few bob on Vinylux stock, I was keen to know the answer.
Of course, as a qualified beautician, I am perfectly capable of doing my own and my daughter Molly's nails but the real test has been trying it out on clients.  I could enthuse about Vinylux til the cows came home (a regular sight here in Devon) but, using another well-known phrase, ''the proof of the pudding is in the eating''.

To ensure that I was confident re the quality of the product, I first tested it on my own nails.  

My toes.  Hot Pop Pink.  Day 1...11 June 2013

The above photographs show my toenails on the day I painted them in Hot Pop Pink, 11th June (left) and today, 11th July (right).  Although the nails have grown and could do with some TLC as far as oil around the cuticles, the colour itself still looks great.  No visible chips or wear and tear.  I am very impressed with how well Vinylux is lasting on my toes.

Ive also posted a photograph of my fingernails which I painted in Beau.  After applying 2 colour coats, I felt that a 3rd would make the nails look better so this photo shows 3 coats of Beau and Top Coat.  They lasted well but unfortunately due to constantly removing clients polish without gloves, I have found that I am struggling to maintain my own polish for any length of time....ironic really seeing as clients are loving it on the whole!

So.....what would my regular clients think of the new Vinylux? Would they be prepared to try it?  

Having purchased a CND Vinylux starter kit containing 10 of the most popular shades (that incidentally match Shellac colours) and 2 Weekly Top Coats, I set to work in finding out.

The first client I encouraged to try out Vinylux was a regular called Bev.  Bev has horses and also a business involving cattle....a very hands-on occupation!  

Bev told me that she doesn't bother with nail varnish as it only lasts a day, if that.  With some quite forceful persuasion, she agreed to let me paint her nails in a pale colour and give me feedback.  My first guinea-pig!  I painted her nails using Vinylux Negligee and the Weekly Top Coat ( base coat required).  All I asked of Bev was that she send me a text at the first signs of wear or chipping.  

Her appointment was on 11 June.  On 18 June I received the following text from her.....
''Nail polish brilliant - first bit to chip off last night.''
Wow!  For someone who cant get nail polish to last more than a day, this was a very positive result!

Next was to encourage some more clients to give it a try.
I decided to advertise a special offer using my website (, Facebook and 'word of mouth'.
This deal was very well received and each day when I checked my emails, I had new appointments made through my online booking system.

Below I have put together photos and comments from some of the clients that I have done over the past few weeks.  Ive used first names only to respect anonymity.

The above photos are of a client, Lin, who came to have her nails done on 21 June for a wedding.  I painted her fingernails using Vinylux Gotcha and her toenails in Hot Pop Pink.  Here is the feedback comment I got from Lin on 8 July.....
''Fingernails lasted 10 days!  Toenails still going strong!''
Lin is a mobile hairdresser and worked throughout this time.  Again, pretty impressive results.

The nails to the left of this text were done in Overtly Onyx for a client, Sam, who was going to a party and wanted something to match her silver and black dress. This photo was taken of them on 3 July.

Sam sent me a text today along with a photo of her nails and the following comment....
''My beautiful nails!  1 week 1 day! Sam xxx''

I'm not sure how to upload photos from text messages so cant post the picture here but her nails are still looking very good.  There is a slight chip to the side of one thumb and a little wear at the free edge of the nail.  To the unprofessional eye, I doubt many would notice this.  

These toes were done in Vinylux Rouge Red a couple of weeks ago.  Still going strong and client is happy with them.

I also had a Facebook message from a client called Bridget.  In all honesty, I have forgotten what colour I did her nails (I've done quite a few over the past few weeks!) but here is her feedback....

''Ive had to remove my nail varnish as its now become chipped - sob sob not bad after 12 days though and on the plus side the toe nails are still going strong and look like they were done yesterday!!''

The above examples all report very positive results with Vinylux.  
In my next blog, I will post some of the pitfalls and more thought-provoking feedback. All feedback has been positive but there have been a few niggles.  I will explain and offer advice on dealing with these. 

I am a firm advocate of this revolutionary new product from CND and would like to share what I am learning as I go along.  

I really would like to hear your experiences/thoughts on Vinylux. If you are reading this, please feel free to leave a comment.  
Thank you
Karen :)

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