How to Apply CND Vinylux for best results
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Thoughts on CND Vinylux by a beautician and her daughter

How to Apply CND Vinylux for best results

As those of you who have been reading some of my blog posts will be aware, I am an avid fan of CND Vinylux.  It has become my bestseller beauty treatment in my small home salon and clients are generally extremely pleased with the results and longevity of the product.

I also sell Vinylux for home use and have found that some people are struggling to get the same results as when it is applied in a salon. These application issues are usually rectified quite easily using the following pointers:

Vinylux is a little different to other polishes.  For starters, there is no base coat.  For this reason, for best results, always use a buffer to gently smooth the nail plate (the surface of the nail) before applying Vinylux.  Buffers look like nail files but are smoother.  You can get them cheaply in supermarkets in the makeup section.

Secondly, make sure that your nails are free from any residue of polish remover, handcream etc.  Wash your hands thoroughly with handwash and then rinse well. Alternatively, use a product such as CND Scrubfresh which will ensure the nail is free of residue.

Now you are ready to start application.  Have your colour and top coat ready with the lids loosened.  You dont want to be trying to unscrew the top coat after you have applied the colour to your nails and they are still drying!

Taking the colour first, shake the bottle gently to ensure the product is well mixed.  Dont overload your brush.  The first coat should be applied thinly in as few strokes as possible from the base of the nail to the tip. They may well look patchy and coverage may look inadequate.  PLEASE dont load more polish onto the nail!  The first coat of Vinylux tends to soak into the nail and with some colours almost seem to half disappear but this is CORRECT for Vinylux.  It is so tempting to immediately add more polish but please trust me...dont. Polish the nails of both hands with a thin first coat and then allow the nails a little time to start drying.

For the second coat, load the brush more thickly and LIGHTLY apply a thicker second coat.  Dont be tempted to drag the polish over the nail.  Just ensure there is plenty on the brush so that it flows freely over the first coat.  Try to take the polish right over the tip of the nail (the free edge).

Again, allow time for this layer to become semi dry before adding the top coat.  Vinylux dries very quickly so this wont take long (a few mins max).  

When applying the top coat, I tend to be very generous, almost allowing it to fall off of the brush in a large drip before gently stroking it across the nail.  If you stroke too hard, you are in danger of pulling the colour causing streaks.  The top coat is very quick and easy to apply but remember GENEROUS AND LIGHT!

Using this method, I find that the results are very good and last well. Sometimes i find that it's preferable to use a third coat of colour, particularly with some of the blues, but on the whole this is not necessary.

It really is worth perserving with tecnique in application as, dont correctly, Vinylux really does last well.

Photo (above) shows Vinylux Azure Wish - 
for this colour I have used three coats 
for best coverage.  Most colours need only two.

I hope you find this useful.
Thanks for reading
Karen :)

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