Frequently Asked Questions re CND Vinylux
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Frequently Asked Questions re CND Vinylux

Hi All

Having looked at the search engine phrases that people have used to come across my blog, I've decided to tackle some of the most frequently asked questions.  I hope you find this useful.  Karen :)

Q1.  How do I remove Vinylux?/I'm struggling to remove Vinylux.

A.  Vinylux can be easily removed with nail polish remover containing acetone.  Acetone-free polish remover will NOT remove it!
The best product that I have found is CND Shellac Nourishing Remover but most standard removers with acetone are very effective.
I recommend Sally Henson Remover which can be bought in Tescos (probably other supermarkets too).  I have tested this myself and found it removes Vinylux very easily.
Feedback from clients has shown that some removers are better than others.  Sally Henson, Poundland...both very good.  A couple of clients have purchased remover from both Boots and also Superdrug and these have not worked very well.  It seems that you do need to shop around a bit to find the most suitable product but don't despair...there are plenty that do a great job...just remember it MUST contain acetone.

The best process for removal is to coat a cotton wool pad (preferably plastic-backed but not essential) with a little remover and firstly hold it tightly against the polish for a few seconds.  Then gently pull the pad towards the tip of the nail whilst applying light pressure.  

Q2.  Is Vinylux better than Shellac?

A:  Vinylux is not better than Shellac, it is different and there for more suited to some people than others. ...

Shellac is cured under a UV light and is therefore extremely durable. It does however need to be removed by soaking a pad in acetone and wrapping the nail for 8 minutes.  Vinylux, on the other hand, can be removed quickly and efficiently without the need to soak.  
If you are prone to weak, dry nails, Vinylux is a better option as you are not subjecting your nails to lengthy soaking with acetone (which is very drying).

If you are the sort of person who religiously applies a nourishing oil to your nails on a daily basis, then you will not have any detrimental effects from using Shellac.  (In my opinion and experience, it is MUCH more gentle on your nails than gel and acyrlics!)  Shellac is micro-porous so the oil will penetrate the nail despite the polish and keep them in good condition.  I would recommend CND Solar Oil for this.  Even if using Vinylux, its a good idea to oil your nails regularly but with Shellac I consider it essential. If you look after your nails, Shellac will help protect them from breakage.

If you like to change your nail polish regularly, then you are better off using Vinylux.  You can remove it yourself at home, quickly and efficiently and reapply another colour.  

If you are interested in purchasing Vinylux for home use, I retail it at £7.99 per bottle which is a very competitive price.  Up to 4 bottles can be sent in one package at a postage cost of £2.60/£3 (2nd/1st class).  See my online Shop or email me:

Vinylux is also useful as a 'top-up' polish if you want your Shellac to last a little longer.  Matching Shellac shades are available in Vinylux so that you can touch-up your nails in the comfort of your own home.

Q3.  Is Vinylux bad for your natural nails?

A:  No!  Vinylux is not bad for your natural nails.  It is a great product due to this fact and also because it lasts so well!  (see Q4. above re same question for Shellac).

Q4.  Why does my Vinylux streak?/How to apply Vinylux

A:  When you apply Vinylux, the first coat does tend to look patchy and streaky....this is normal.  Apply the first coat thinly and don't be tempted to thicken it to try and hide streaking.  Once you apply a second, slightly thicker coat, the streaking will not be evident.  The only exception to this that I've found is with one or two of the colours, 'Impossibly Plush and Burnt Romance' being two that come to mind.  With these, I have found that by applying two thin coats and then a third slightly thicker coat, the problem is resolved.  

Always remember to apply the Vinylux Top Coat over your colour. This will give your nails a nice shine and also protect them from chips/wear and tear.  The top coat should be applied generously and with a light hand.  If you apply it too quickly, you may pull the underlying colour layer, creating streaks.  If this is happening for you, I suggest that you leave a minute or two before applying the top coat.

Q5.  Are there any Christmas Gift Sets available in Vinylux?

A:  Apart from the Vinylux 'Forbidden Collection, which is a set of mini bottles of Vinylux and Top Coat in Autumn/Winter colours, I have not come across any other Vinylux gift sets.  For this reason, I have made up some of my own.  These are proving extremely popular with clients wishing to show friends/family how great Vinylux is and also just as a treat for themselves.

My gift sets include one Vinylux colour of your choice, one bottle of Vinylux Top Coat, a mini bottle of CND Solar Oil and a sparkly nail file. 

They are put together in a clear gift bag, along with an instruction leaflet on application and one of my business cards so that the recipient of the pack can contact me if they have any questions or concerns.

If you are interested in purchasing one of these packs, I have limited stock available for Christmas.

I'm offering packs at an exceptionally good price of £15.99 each. 

They can be collected from me in the Crediton area, possibly hand-delivered to Exeter by mutual arrangement or posted at a cost of £2.60/£3 (2nd/1st class).  A maximum of two gift packs can be sent in one package due to postage restrictions on flammable goods.
Email me:  to let me know your colour preference.  I have paypal for convenience.

Thanks for reading.
Karen :)

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